Top Five Sports for Kids

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With World Football 2018 fast approaching – matches begin 14 June – interest in football is even more intense than usual. Every four years during the month-long competition you’re bound to see many in Bangkok wearing the colours and kit of their favourite national side.


Kids get football fever too, and with interest on the rise they’ll be participating with renewed enthusiasm in organised youth leagues, as well kicking up some spontaneous fun wherever there’s a patch of ground and space for goals.


Football, however, isn’t the only way kids can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of sport. Here, Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit lists top five sport for kids, great ways children can get active.


Swimming — By learning proper swimming form and effective breath control, kids become proficient at a sport they can enjoy throughout life.
Tennis — Requires pre-match strategy based on opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and then constant quick decisions during play, so helps improve mental sharpness in addition to physical agility.
Running — A simple and inexpensive way for kids to compete in sport or just enjoy on their own or with friends the pleasures and benefits of vigorous exercise.
Dance — Maybe not everyone considers dance a sport, but fact is the activity combines strenuous physical activity with an aesthetic component. Especially good for groups.
Football — And of course that all-time favourite among kids. A team sport that helps kids learn the value of cooperation and, best of all, doesn’t require a lot of equipment.


As you can see, various sports can provide kids with the same physical and mental benefits that adults gain with participation.


These days, however, it can be difficult to motivate kids given the appeal of online gaming and other digital technologies. Here’s an idea: organise a sport-themed kids party at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit. Kids can come dressed in the uniforms of their favorite athletes and, along with having a great time, might just be inspired to get away from the screen and into the real game of sport.

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