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Kids love parties. And parents love throwing parties for their kids. But getting things just right – location, theme, guest list, activities, food and drink – all can be difficult. In fact, maybe you’ve been to a kids’ party that didn’t turn out so well. For one reason or another the kids, the parents or both weren’t happy. That can happen because there’s so much to consider, so many details to take into account.

Here, then, are some tips and pointers by the kids’ party professionals at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit to help you be party perfect.

Age – not surprisingly, one of the first if not the first factor to consider. Can be especially tricky if children of various ages will attend, and even if the range isn’t that much. Although some activities, for instance painting and drawing, can be enjoyed by everyone from eight to 80, not all activities are so adaptable. Others such as games can be great fun for an eight-year-old but may be totally boring to a ten-year-old. While it can make organising a party more complicated, carefully considering the age range of kids attending will help ensure a successful party.


Date and time – unfortunately it’s not as simple as picking a day and hour that’s right for you. Among many related elements to consider are how far your guests must travel, work schedules of other parents, school and extra-curricular activity schedules of all kids attending, and other essential matters. While a weekend afternoon is always a popular choice for party time, if you’re planning a weekday gathering, especially one beginning in early evening, then the preceding considerations become substantially more important.


Activities – in addition to age-related points made above, bear in mind also that it’s important to choose and arrange activities that fit with your party’s theme. Scheduling is no less important: we all know how quickly kids can get restless, so you’ll want to keep events flowing throughout the party period.


Food and drink – another make-or-break factor. However, while it may be tempting to give kids only what they want – which is bound to be a selection of fatty and sugar-laden junk food – their parents will appreciate your having provided a healthier, more nutritious menu. Don’t forget as well to accommodate any guests who have special dietary requirements. The good news, though, is that these and other food and drink aspects are made much easier with on-site banqueting services available at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit hotel.


Well, the above may seem like a lot – and you haven’t even invited your first guest! But not to worry. You can trust the kids’ party professionals at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit to help you throw a great party – one where your kids, their friends and all parents have a terrific time.

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