Mother's Day Is Family Day

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Mother’s Day Is Family Day

Mother’s Day is an important annual event when family members gather to honour a very special lady in their lives. In Thailand, the holiday falls on 12 August every year and coincides with the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Indeed, during days leading up to the holiday, government offices as well as many private businesses will be adorned with images of the queen surrounded with flowers and flags.


On 12 August, one way Thai families celebrate Mother’s Day is by gathering for lunch or dinner, with Mum of course the meal’s guest of honour. Family members often will present gifts to their mother, including a jasmine garland, of symbolic importance and a long-standing Mother’s Day tradition in Thailand.


Along with a meal honouring Mum, there are other ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you’re wondering what else you can do to mark the occasion, Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit presents here additional things you can do during Mother’s day weekend this year.


– This special day isn’t strictly for your mother, so visit your grandparents too if you can. Indeed, Mother’s Day could just as easily be called ‘Family Day’ in Thailand.

– A great way for families to have fun together is to create DIY decorations. And it’s especially exciting for kids to help out with making memorable gifts for this special day.

– Important for everyone on the special day is going to the temple. Monks usually give special sermons on the day relating to motherhood and the importance of honouring the family matriarch.

– While you may not immediately associate it with Mother’s Day, travelling as a family can be a great way to be reminded of the holiday’s message. Being together while seeing new places and having new experiences strengthens family bonds, while at the same time produces lasting memories for all.


There’s one more thing we’d like to mention, and it’s related to the above-mentioned Special Day meal. Our buffets are perfect for the occasion! The Square restaurant at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit is a terrific venue for honouring Mum on Mother’s Day. Along with outstanding lunch and dinner buffets in a stylish downtown setting, The Square also features special offers just for Mother’s Day.


And one more reason Mum and the family will love Mother’s Day at The Square: we’re conveniently located at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit hotel directly adjacent BTS SkyTrain – Ploenchit Station, exit 4.

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