Great Games for Kids on Easter Day

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In addition to being an important religious holiday, Easter likewise is associated with fun activities and traditions for children. Decorations in bright spring-time colours, egg hunts and baskets filled with sweets like chocolate bunnies – all make Easter Sunday a great day for kids.

For parents making Easter Sunday plans, Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit recommends the following activities for children:

    1. Easter egg fortune — Amusing instructions are written on small papers hidden in plastic eggs. When kids find an egg, they must do what the paper says.
    2. Bunny racing — kids step into sacks or pillowcases and hop to the finish line.
    3. Easter bingo: downloadable and printable bingo game with an Easter theme
    4. Card decorating — Lets kids get creative with markers and paints as well as colourful accessories affixed to Easter cards.
    5. Can shooting — Kids love toppling cans. Includes soft and safe materials only.
  1. Donuts on a string — Fun game with a tasty aim: just above kids’ heads is dangled a donut from which they take bites but without using their hands.
  2. Easter egg hunt — A traditional game and the one most associated with Easter Sunday. The concept is simple: Colourful Easter eggs earlier are hidden all about and kids are later let loose to find them.

These are just a few of the many fun things kids can do during your Easter Sunday celebration.


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