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Whether kids are moving up to the next level or just starting school, back to school is an exciting time of the year. Students have much to look forward to: seeing their friends and making new ones, participating in social events, and of course learning many new things. Although exciting, back to school likewise can be an anxious time for kids. Here are a few ways parents can lessen worry and help their children be prepared for the next school term.

  • Make sure your kids have everything they need. Head to a stationers and stock up on notebooks, pens and pencil, drawing and presentation materials, and so forth. And don’t forget IT-related necessities like USB thumb drives. Book bags, knapsacks and lunch boxes are important too. Doing back-to-school shopping is also a good opportunity to let children make some of their own buying decisions and thereby be more responsible with money.
  • After a long school break, kids sometimes lose their learning rhythm. Help them get it back by doings some ‘warm-up’ lessons before the term begins. A week or so before school starts, have scheduled reading and lesson times in the morning and afternoon if possible, with homework assignments in the evening as well.
  • Along with the above warm-up lessons, ease kids back into the school schedule with relevant sleep and wake times at least a few days before the first day of school.
  • An important part of getting good grades is making wise use of time. Parents can help children substantially by keeping to schedules like those mentioned above, in addition to establishing set times for both work and play. Young children, especially, do better when they know what is expected of them and when.

As you can see, getting kids back to school on the right foot is a team effort. We hope parents, every family’s team leader, are helped by the above tips.

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